The Ultimate Travel Checklist For Your Chicago Trip

Are you planning to tick some things off your bucket list? Adventure awaits you in Chicago. We know how to make your vacation worthwhile. First, you need to secure your ESTA; then prepare everything that’s on your travel checklist.

Why Do You Need a Visa?

Before entering the United States, residents from some countries are required to present a visa in the immigration; while others need only an ESTA Visa. After securing your flight and itinerary, you can apply for a USA Visa. It is a travel authorization for residents of countries included in the visa-free list of the government. A travel authorization is required to ensure that the tourists will not cause trouble in the States.

Essential Things to Bring in Chicago

If you want to bring your outfit game in Chicago, make sure that you will pack clothing types that are appropriate for the weather. Always choose comfort over style. Of course, you should not forget the toiletries; hygiene is essential. Moreover, do not forget to pack your cameras. Capture and immortalize the scenic views in Chicago with your camera. Chicago has picturesque places which will leave you breathless.

Things to Do in Chicago

Planning your itinerary is difficult, especially if it’s your first time visiting the city. We can recommend tons of things to do in Chicago. If you’re going in summer, you can enjoy free concerts or take a look at the installation arts in Millennium Park. Don’t miss out on The Windy City’s architecture by being aboard on Chicago’s First Lady. Take a photo of the city’s magnificent skyline by going to Willis Tower Skydeck. Moreover, you can also enjoy nature and visit animals at Lincoln Park Zoo with no entrance fee.

You can do more activities because the city has various places you can enjoy. The abovementioned things are some of the top picks.

Food to Try in Chicago

Alinea is one of the famous restaurants in Chicago. If your budget is more than enough, do not hesitate to try the food they offer. A meal is averaging to $190 to $395 for one person only. Moreover, you can also try the iconic Chicago hotdog at stalls in the sidewalk. Pizza? Name it; the city has exquisite meals you can eat. No matter how much your budget is, there is always food for you.

Best Time to Visit Chicago

You can visit the city in any season. You can enjoy a plethora of activities all year round. You can enjoy museums, entertainment shows, free concerts, and more in the city. Tourists roam the place every day. Staying in Chicago makes you want not to leave the area because it will be the best vacation of your life.

Plan your travel accordingly. Take note of the important requirements such as USA ESTA before flying to the U.S. Make your Chicago trip the best adventure in your lifetime by basking yourself in the activities in the state.