Tips For Planning an Actually Relaxing Family Vacation

Did you know that a trip and a vacation are two different things, especially when the kids are involved? Unless you are able to relax and not worry about anything, then you are definitely on a trip.

This doesn’t mean you can’t actually have a fun and relaxing getaway even when the kids are involved. All you need to do is to consider these tips and you are on your way to having a family vacation where you can actually relax and make some memories.

Bring Extended Family

Don’t limit family vacations to just you, your spouse, and the kids. If you want to have a relaxing getaway, consider bringing your closest relatives or family of your best friend on a trip. You get to spend time with other grown-ups while your kids will enjoy playing with other kids.

You can also take turns looking after the kids so the grown-ups will have a chance to relax. Plus, it won’t hurt to have some extra help to give you and your spouse some time alone together.

Hire a Sitter

Going on a vacation with your side or your spouse’s side of the family might not be possible due to conflict of schedule. Still, don’t let this stop you from enjoying your vacation.

Before you leave, look for babysitting services in the area where you are staying. If you are staying in a hotel, ask the front desk for nanny services they could recommend.

It is also recommended that you contact the babysitter immediately even before you arrive to your destination to give you a glimpse of what to expect. Trust your gut on this one and look for alternatives in case you don’t feel comfortable when talking to the person.

Forget About the Plan

Admit it. You tend to plan and even over plan everything, from where to eat, to what to do during your whole stay. It keeps you organized because you know what to do next and there is little room for free time.

Still, at times, the best way to enjoy a vacation is by forgetting about the plan and simply going with the flow. It’s okay to know the restaurants, kid-friendly facilities and available activities, and schedules for the entertainment shows, but don’t overdo it.

Don’t feel compelled to strictly follow what’s on schedule. Loosen up and enjoy the vacation as you go since family vacation is all about having fun, don’t you think?

You Can Never go Wrong with Water

They may be crying at first, but kids will eventually give in to water and refuse to get out. Swimming or playing on the beach or by the pool is one way to enjoy your family vacation. It will always be a surefire hit among kids and kids-at-heart, plus the little ones won’t get bored easily.

Consider a family friendly all-inclusive resort, there are tons of things to do for your little ones that center around water, as well as activities for adults.

Be careful and look after your kids while playing in the water. One in every five people in the United States who die from drowning, whether boat or non-boat related, are children below 14 years old.    

Sign up for Classes

There’s always something for everyone–sports, craft classes, and even activities for the kids. If you are on a vacation for more than three or four days, make use of the time away from home and consider signing your kids up for a class they prefer to keep them busy. Take advantage of your time away from kids by learning a new hobby or sport, or even reading a book by the sea.

Watch Movies

This may depend on the age of your child, but movies can be a good way to relax while on vacation. Choose an age-appropriate movie while you enjoy your bath. Before you decide, go for a family movie that will surely keep everyone laughing. Give your older kids a chance to choose the movie to keep them in the loop.

Remember that the best things in life don’t have to be expensive. Enjoy your time watching a movie together as a family–when was the last time you did that anyway?

Location, Location, Location

Do you really want to enjoy your vacation with the family even if the kids are around? Then make sure that you choose a place filled with facilities and activities fit for every member of the family. If your kids are accompanying you on a trip, be sure you don’t pick an adults-only resort. This means there will be no other children present, and no activities for them to partake in.

The Bottom Line

Traveling with your family can be a chaotic experience, but a vacation is absolutely necessary every now and then for the entire family. Keep in mind that you’re in it for the experience and memories you will treasure forever. There will always be trouble along the way, but what matters most is the time spent together as a family.