Top Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka for Indians

If you are asked to summarize Sri Lanka, it would be golden beaches, misty mountains, rising waves, majestic past, mighty elephants, stealthy elephants, giant whales, delicious tea and warm smiles. Despite being a small island, the country is a treasure house of a broad range of holiday experiences. The travel to the country has also become much easier with eTA Sri Lanka. For the uncertain ones, especially Indians, we present below some compelling reasons as to why Sri Lanka should be your next holiday destination.


The wide array of physical diversity of this pearl shaped island in almost every aspect of life and nature will leave you speechless! Whether you desire to experience varied shaped sublime beaches or straight expanse to rocky coves to abundant wild life experience, you have it here. The plains of the country ascend to mist-shrouded mountains nesting at least seven different types of forests, dramatic waterfalls and of course rolling tea plantations! The vast diversity of nature is at its best in Sri Lanka.

Cultural Heritage

Even UNESCO recognizes the cultural depth of Sri Lanka. It’s six archaeological sites have been declared as World Heritage sites. Be it the ruined cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa or the stairway to temple at Dambulla; the heritage is intoxicating in this cultural triangle. Aren’t we Indians drawn naturally to it?


Shopping in ancient Sri Lanka is extremely close to the Indian taste. Enhance your sunbathing quotient with haggling with the local handicraft seller. With Sri Lanka being the major garment exporter, you can shop to the hilt for any international fashion. From shopping in the traditional village to basking in the ambiance of the luxurious shopping center, you have it all here.

From food to adventure and special interest sports, from all round festivals to Ayurvedic spas, from comfortable hotels to mouth watering delicacies; Sri Lanka will get you captivated in an instant.