Travelling Tips for Your Old Car

When driving long distances for the occasions, a family can relish acar trip together and see a lot of cool spots. So it is imperative for a car owner to ensure that his or her vehicle runs well and has no mechanical issues. Visit for buying spare parts for your car. Following things should be kept in mind before taking a road trip in your old car:


The tires are the main thing on a car that touches the ground. Thus, a vehicle owner must inspect them for wear or harm. In the meantime, when taking a look at the tires, one should test the pneumatic pressure as a lot of individuals drive around without enough air in the tires. This will protect the travelers and spare you cash as tires with a low PSI will consume more fuel. By doing this you will not only avoid serious accident but also you will save time and money. If during the journey your tire bursts or any other damage is done to it and you are stuck on the road then it can lead to serious catastrophe.

Fluids and Lubricants:

Make sure you change the engine oil regularly. In most cars the engine oil is changed twice every year to make sure your engine runs smooth and your car doesn’t face any problems. Also regularly check the level of engine oil with a dip stick especially before leaving for a road trip.

Your car also has different fluids other than oil and wiper liquid that should be looked at. Transmission fluid, brake fluid, control guiding liquid, coolant — all should be checked occasionally. Also make sure your radiator has enough water and coolant so that your car doesn’t heat up during the car trip

Car Battery:

Check your car battery and make sure it doesn’t have loose connections, frayed or broken cables, dirt and corrosion. If the liquid is coming out of the battery it means you need to replace your old battery with a new one. Also clean the terminals before removing cables from it. A normal car battery lasts for 3 to 5 years. Also regularly check the water level in the battery and use distilled water in case the water level is not up to the mark.

Air Conditioner:

Before going on a car trip in summer with your family,you have to ensure that the AC is in great working condition. Have the belts, the coolant, and the condenser looked by your mechanic or technician.

Other Mechanical Problems:

A great many people, even those without mechanical abilities, know how a car should sound.Engine issues are often the result of ineffectively working spark plugs or other little issues. By investing a small of amount of time and money, you will see your car will run much smoother and it will be much more fuel efficient. However if you do not pay attention to these little issues you will see catastrophic issues when the engine of your car tosses a bar or your transmission breaks.