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Ways to Make Amazing Steak Tips

The beef from the lower part of the back of cows labeled as sirloin is what true steak tips are. Less expensive than the tender cuts in the middle but tastes a lot better if you know simple tricks to cooking them. Beef lovers go for flap meat or sirloin tips. It is better to buy it in slabs rather than in cuts, so you’re certain you get the tastier steak. Everyone makes steaks and if you don’t, you’d be surprised how easy it is to make fine steaks!

Grill your steak

Very popular method but it’s important to get the cuts right. Whatever size you cut your steaks, it’s important to let it cook evenly but it’s advisable to get thick cuts. Large pieces can be grilled whole and be cut into smaller pieces when served. Salt and dress the meat with a dry spice rub like cracked pepper before grilling. You should do this immediately you bring the meat out of the fridge if that’s the case so the seasoning diffuses into the meat as it rests and cools off. This will improve its flavor. You can dress as you want but don’t place meat directly from the fridge on the grill or in a pan. Cold meat does not cook regularly, let the stacks cool off before you cook. Your steak should be pink, not dry, soft and spongy when done.

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Stew them

Yes, you can use steak tips combined with your vegetables and seasonings to prepare a fast-cooking type of stews. Since steak tips are tenderer than stew beef, it takes a shorter time to cook stew or chili with it. Shred the steak and tan it in your oven with maximum heat. Add other ingredients as you’ve always done with stews. It’s done as soon as it comes to a moderate simmer.

Stir-fry or Saute them

This technique requires as much heat as possible. The best steaks cooked this way are prepared with very high temperatures. For really saucy steaks, then you need bolder spices.

Add a little butter to the pan and cook in small sets until brown while still retaining its juice. Many people add vegetables after the beef is cooked but while still on heat. The choice of the sauce depends totally on you.

It’s a great tip that steaks should be left after cooking for a few minutes at least five. You can rub with a little oil if you want a juicy steak just like many reputable restaurants prepares it, including restaurants like Rib’N Reef and some few others.