What are the Buses Like in Mexico?

The fabulous bus stations are commonly called ADO stations, named for their significant drivers, as well as they are mainly in good condition. Some have complimentary wi-fi, as well as power outlets; some even have USB, clean bathrooms, as well as a coffeehouse. It isn’t dangerous or undesirable to wait there for a couple of hours if required.

Do the buses operate-time?

Yes. All buses operate on time. They, in fact, leave very promptly; a few times, they even leave a couple of minutes earlier to their departure time. Actually, overnight buses in Mexico do have a few advantages compared to day buses if it involves arriving or leaving at any of the big megapolis, such as Mexico City, at late hours traffic is not that heavy.

Is it possible to book tickets online?

Well, it is complicated. Initially, I´ve attempted to book tickets online on the ADO internet site for a bus from Merida Cancun, and it didn´t work out as they don’t approve a non-Mexican bank card, and that time they didn´t have a PayPal alternative. Currently, they do, however, obviously they still have some problems with it. You may try some deals that accept PayPal; the only bad thing is that they don´t constantly have the special offers the ADO website has. You could push the “purchase now” switch knowing that you are missing out on a significant discount, as well as it leaves you with a negative taste after having bought the tickets.

Do you need to book your tickets beforehand?

Everybody suggests you do not have to if it’s not Christmas or some other holiday, still do not delay it till the last hour if you can. When we were booking a trip from Oaxaca to Mexico, all the seats got filled almost three days prior to the trip. Also,, you may wind up having a seat next to the bathroom on the day of the trip. Acquiring beforehand likewise indicates you can obtain those special deals we stated before.