You Need This Special Type of Vacation to Italy Once In Your Lifetime


Are you wanderlust? Do you love to travel a lot? Do you like exploring new places and meeting new people? By any chance are you a foodie too? Do you love to try different exotic cuisines from different places? What if there could be a trip that would satisfy both your desires of traveling and enjoying delicious foods? Would you take it? What if that trip would take you to one of the most beautiful countries in the world? What if that country also offers some of the most delicious dishes found in the world? It sounds like a deal of a lifetime, isn’t it?

Welcome to Italy – the country of Renaissance and pizza

Italy can be considered one of the most popular tourist attractions. The amazing beaches and beautiful landscapes have inspired and awed a lot of people for the past few centuries. Some of the best regions to visit in Italy are:

  • Rome – It was the capital city of the great Roman Empire. You definitely want to go there. Colosseum is among the Seven Wonders of the World. 
  • Taormina and Eastern Coast – One of the most breathtaking sites in Italy, Taormina is situated on the eastern coast of Sicily just above the Ionian Sea. The view is marvelous and it is claimed that the place has inspired a plethora of artists for hundreds of years. You can find the Greek colonial ruins here. One of the most significant features of Taormina is ice-capped Mount Etna.
  • Venice – Also known as the floating city, you might have seen it in movies or must have heard about it from someone. The city is situated on the canal and you have to travel in a boat throughout the entire city.

Take this special type of vacation

Italy is a country of spectacular views but the food served here is delicious way beyond all expectations. If you are thinking about a vacation to Italy, you must consider a cooking vacation.

Experience vacation like never before

If you take a cooking vacation, you will get a foodie guide who will guide you through all the markets and restaurants to get you the best and most famous cuisines of the region. These types of vacations must be planned in advance so it is better to book with a great company like the international kitchen.

A guide will be assigned to you to have the best food experience and a cooking class will also be held for you to learn some of the most exotic dishes of the region.